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6976 Pollen Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Rev. David Rice & Usrah Claar-Rice
6976 Pollen Way
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
United States (916) 727-1294
  • PROVIDE Interfaith Devotionals, Pastoral Care, and other services at senior residence apartment homes, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals in the Sacramento area.
  • MENTOR a local weekly Seminar for the Education for Ministry Program of the University of the South.
  • PRESENT the LABYRINTH as a spiritual tool for healing and wholeness in individuals and the whole world.
  • I. INTERFAITH CHAPLAINCY. Chaplaincy services are provided at a multi-level services Senior Residence Apartment Building and Skilled Nursing Facility. We provide worship and pastoral care services. Rev. Rice is an Interfaith Chaplain, with studies in Clinical Pastoral Education at UC Davis Medical Center.

    II. We sponsor and mentor EDUCATION FOR MINISTRY, a program of theological education by extension by The School of Theology, University of the South, of Sewanee, TN.

    III. We present a portable canvas replica of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth to religious and civic groups in the Sacramento Valley, and we sponsor a monthly Open Walk at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Sacramento, CA, the third Friday of each month and every New Year's Eve.

    Labyrinths date back at least 4,000 years. They are found in many religious traditions and in various forms around the world. The Labyrinth is a metaphor for our spiritual journey through life, reminding us that life is a process in which we seek healing and wholeness. It speaks to us as, not only human beings on a spiritual path, but also as Spiritual Beings on a human path! It is a universal symbol with specific reflections in the Jewish Kabbala-Tree of Life, the Buddhist Walking Meditation, the Hindu Mandala, the Native American Hopi Medicine Wheel, and the Christian and Islamic Pilgrimages. So also, PATHWAYS INTERFAITH MINISTRIES seeks to support all persons in the search for healing and wholeness.

    We are affiliated with THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF COMMUNITY CHURCHES, (ICCC), of Frankfort, Illinois.

    From the Association of Interfaith Ministers:

    "What is Interfaith? Interfaith is a bridge...that allows members of all religions and spiritual teachings to reach out across the waters of life, in understanding and communication with each other. Interfaith affirms and supports the underlying goodness of each person, the healing of our planet.

    Interfaith does not seek to homogenize religious differences. Rather, it honors the sacredness of each faith, and then creates ways by which the many paths can meet on common ground or unite in a new and sacred creative form... Differences between various religions and philosophies need not divide and separate, but can instead enrich our lives and deepen our capacity to love."

    Rev. David Rice, and Usrah Claar-Rice

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